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I only just revealed the cover to my upcoming second novel Music of Sacred Lakes, but things have been moving quickly here, and I am excited to show you my next THREE book covers today, all to be released over the next year. This is the year I’ve been waiting for and working so hard toward (and having fun, finally!): in the next few months I will have modern fairytales, imaginative fantasy fiction, and a psychological thriller with supernatural elements (and a romance) to offer you. Maybe even two more books including a psychological murder mystery (you know I’ll fit some crazy nightmares and supernatural psychological elements in there too) and a more YA fantasy novel about a whole town whose dreams bleed into waking reality. For now, here are the next three books, and I’ll be back soon. These blog tours and releases will go quickly, so I can get back to writing more stories. Stay tuned!

The Thin Places, supernatural fiction, mythic fiction, new fairytales, Laura K. Cowan, speculative fiction, short storiesThe Thin Places: Supernatural Tales of the Unseen [Coming June 2014]

The prayer poems of a bullied girl come to life when read in front of her class as a cruel joke. A young boy asks his mother why she ignores the customers in a mountain town shop, but she sees no one but him. A boy’s faith literally moves mountains, which destroys the life of the Sunday school teacher who doubted him. Reality doesn’t behave quite as expected in The Thin Places, a collection of short stories that explore the thin places between the physical and spiritual worlds, portals, time juxtapositions, dreams, and other possibilities of the might-be-real.

Lone Cypress, psychological thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, supernatural romance, supernatural fiction, speculative fiction, Laura K. Cowan, ballerina, Half Moon BayLone Cypress [Coming October 2014]

What does it mean to be possessed? By a person, by a dream, and by your demons? Shana knows. Shana was a ballerina. At least that was what her mother told her when she moved them to New York and changed their name so she could pursue the dream. But after Shana was kicked out of school for experimenting with new dance forms that could wreck her ballet-trained body, and escaped her stage mom only to fall into a dangerous marriage, all she has left is a list of things she thought she was. The only thing still alive in her spirit is the ballet she wanted to choreograph, and suddenly it has taken on a life of its own. Shana runs, from her husband, from her life, and from the terrifying dreams that insist she make a change–until she runs out of time and must face not only her husband’s hired gun but the monster in her mind.

Permanence and Choice, supernatural fiction, mythic fiction, new fairytales, animal fable, literary fantasy, Italo Calvino, Charles de Lint, Ursula K. Le Guin, Laura K. Cowan, fantasy fictionPermanence & Choice: 3 Dimension-Shifting Novelettes [Coming November 2014]

A young girl chases down clues in a dream maze, shrunk to a tiny size and running for her life from burning dollhouses and flying projectiles at night, while evading the mob’s watchful eye by day. Some most unexpected family friends help her and her mother finally make a break for freedom. Short, sweet, and unbelievably imaginative, The Scent of Yellow Flowers is a story for anyone who has ever been lost and needed to be found.

In the animal fable The Day The Cows Came Home, the farmer’s wife has died, the farmer sells the farm, and the world falls into war. At the abandoned farmhouse, deep in the Finnish wintertime when nothing ever seems to change, the animals are on a quest to understand if time is at an end and they with it–only to discover time itself is not what they assumed.

The Man in the Moon holds on while the grumpy moon tries to shake him off. His friends the stars urge him to jump, but something holds The Man in the Moon in the Twilight in the Firmament. But soon, the universe begins to change, and The Man in the Moon is off on a fabulous adventure to discover the beauty of the existence around him, and how his choices and those of other beings shape space and time.