The Aria Project

The Little Seer, speculative supernatural, spiritual warfare, Christian suspense, Frank Peretti, Madeleine L'Engle, Ted Dekker, Laura K. Cowan

How You Can Help

If you have been touched by The Little Seer or other books by Laura K. Cowan, please join the Aria Project to help spread these stories to those people you think would love them. Exodus, the first book in the novella trilogy that makes up The Little Seer, hit #2 in Christian Suspense and #5 on the Kindle Bestsellers for free Occult Supernatural during its launch week and was downloaded by thousands of people, but these books need your word-of-mouth support to reach the mainstream after their launch promotions end.

Here are some ways you can help Laura spread the love of these imaginative, spiritual stories to as many people as would love to read them.

  • Review the books on Amazon or Goodreads when you have finished reading them. Even if your review isn’t 5 stars, your feedback helps other readers decide if they will give these stories a chance. Also, did you know you can vote other readers’ reviews up or down by clicking the “Was this review helpful to you?” button?
  • Share what your favorite book has meant to your life with friends you think would like the book, on Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite reading group.
  • Place your favorite book on your Goodreads shelf. Even 7 or 8 people creating a “supernatural fiction” shelf on their Goodreads page and placing one of these books on it would qualify them for the first page of the Goodreads list for popular Supernatural Fiction, for example, where interested readers are browsing.
  • Ask your favorite radio or TV host to have Laura on as a guest. Media folks often give more attention to the requests of their listeners.
  • If you know of an author or speaker who has a platform to people who need to hear about Laura’s novels, contact them to ask if they would review a book or mention it on their website or during their next appearance.
  • Send your own feedback directly to Laura at laurakcowan [at] Your endorsement of Laura’s books makes a big difference in encouraging other people to read them.

For up-to-date information and ideas on how you can help, please check back with The Aria Project.

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