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Laura K. Cowan, novelist, supernatural fiction, prophecy

Who is Laura K. Cowan?

Don’t you hate it when gurus tell you that you are the only person standing in the way of your success? Me, too. That’s why it stinks to have recently realized I was doing exactly that. I’m a toe-in-the-water kind of person, which is a nice way of saying that fear has dominated most of my life because of big hurts that made me way too scared to risk rejection again. And even after I decided I was going to write and publish my writing, which is an enormous step for my road to healing, I recently realized I was still standing in the way of my own success, because I was still afraid to tell everyone the whole story–who I really perceive myself to be.

Why is this an issue? Because I can’t truly connect with a community of people through my writing without showing up, entirely myself. And if I write a novel of spiritual warfare with angels and demons warring over a young girl’s discovery of her own identity, how can anyone understand it unless they understand what made me write it? What will make a publisher believe that I’m the only person who could have written this book, if they don’t know who I am in the first place?

Is this the final baby step? I have updated my bio with a full and honest explanation of who I am and why I’m pursuing this career writing supernatural novels, and I also plan to include this honest information in future bios, pitch letters, and videos seeking support for my projects. Because you deserve me to fully show up for my life, because I do have something to offer, and because I need nothing less than the same from you.

And this isn’t really just about me. Most of us hold back a piece of ourselves in certain situations to avoid rejection, don’t we? What piece of you is the world in need of seeing for the first time? Or for the second time, after a long hiatus? Please feel free to share in comments.