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The Little Seer, speculative supernatural, spiritual warfare, Christian suspense, Frank Peretti, Madeleine L'Engle, Ted Dekker, Laura K. CowanI’m very excited to announce today that my debut novel, The Little Seer, is now available on Amazon both as an e-book and paperback, as well as split into a 3-part novella trilogy: Exodus, Desert, and Midnight.

This spiritual warfare novel, a speculative supernatural coming of age story about a young girl whose disturbing dreams begin unfolding in her waking reality and radically change her view of who God is and what he thinks of her, will appeal to fans of speculative and fantastic authors Madeleine L’Engle, Frank Peretti, or Ted Dekker. The first book of the trilogy, Exodus, will be available from February 13-17 for free on Kindle, and Prime members can borrow any of the Kindle versions of the book for free for 90 days. Here’s a little more info.

The Little Seer

A young girl wakes from a dream that a tornado destroyed her church and her pastor ordered crows to peck out her eyes, only to discover deep cuts on her arms where she was attacked. Soon her dreams begin unfolding in her waking reality, her church and family begin to fall apart, and the only anchor of her sanity is a strange man who keeps appearing in her ever stranger dreams. What is happening to Aria? How is it that her dreams can tell the future? And why is her identity key in a spiritual battle raging over her church and town that could decide not only her fate and that of her friends, but that of the whole country or even the world? A story for the dreamers and the truth tellers, The Little Seer never averts its gaze from the tragedies and possibilities of modern American Christian spirituality, and provides a vision for the hope of another great spiritual awakening that could be just around the corner–if we have eyes to see.

Blog Tour

Keep an eye on this blog for a giveaway and blog tour in the works. I hope you enjoy this story and many more to come over the next few years. I’m already working on my second novel, Music of Sacred Lakes, a spiritual, supernatural story about a young man finding his way back to his connection with the land that birthed him through the haunting of a young girl he accidentally kills. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!