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The Little Seer, speculative supernatural, spiritual warfare, Christian suspense, Frank Peretti, Madeleine L'Engle, Ted Dekker, Laura K. CowanWelcome to the blog tour for my debut novel, a spiritual supernatural story called The Little Seer, which hit #3 and #5 on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller Lists for Christian Suspense and Occult / Supernatural this week. Today’s blog tour stop is over at Malcolm’s Round Table, a book review site for magical and supernatural books like mine. Malcolm is hosting a guest post from me today on what speculative supernatural novels are, and how they relate to the popular fantasy genre. I think you’ll enjoy it. Check it out here.

This week only at each blog tour stop, you will find a different piece of information about this new speculative supernatural novel, including book excerpts, interviews, book reviews, and an inside peek into the making of The Little Seer. And to cap it off, I’m giving away a signed copy of The Little Seer here for one fan. Thank you so much for your support! If you haven’t read The Little Seer yet, you can purchase each novella in the trilogy (ExodusDesert, and Midnight) for just $2.99 each on Amazon, or give the whole novel a try in e-book or paperback. I hope you like it!

The Little Seer Blog Tour

Feb. 17-22: Laura K. Cowan, Author: Laura K. Cowan

During the blog tour, I am hosting a giveaway of a signed paperback copy of The Little Seer on my website, as well as posting up-to-date info about what’s going on each day on the blog tour. Check out the details below on the giveaway!

Feb. 18: Malcolm R. Campbell, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Malcolm’s Round Table

Malcolm R. Campbell at Malcolm’s Round Table often reviews fantasy titles as well as speculative fiction, so I am guest posting over on his blog about what spiritual speculative supernatural fiction really is, and how it relates to the popular fantasy genre. Should be good!

Feb. 19: Amber McCallister, Book Reviewer/Blogger: The Wonderings of One Person

Amber McCallister of Wonderings of One Person often reviews speculative titles such as The Little Seer, and is offering her insights in to the book as well as an excerpt from the text for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

Feb. 20: Erin El Mehairi, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Oh for the Hook of a Book!

Erin is conducting an interview, to give you a different angle on The Little Seer, and how such a strange story came to be written at all.

Feb. 21: Bruce Hennigan, Speculative Supernatural Author, Speaker: Bruce Hennigan

Bruce Hennigan is a writer of spiritual speculative supernatural novels and other related works similar to mine. He is hosting a book review and inside peek into the making of The Little Seer on his website for the last stop in this mini blog tour. Come check out his work, and get a chance to peek over my shoulder.


You can enter the giveaway to win a signed copy of The Little Seer now through the end of the week, with an easy first entry plus extra ways you can get chances to win while helping me spread the love of The Little Seer to people who need to read it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this book launch unforgettable, and a great start to my career.

Enter by following the instructions at the bottom of this post: The Little Seer Book Giveaway