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The Little Seer, speculative supernatural, spiritual warfare, Christian suspense, Frank Peretti, Madeleine L'Engle, Ted Dekker, Laura K. CowanIt’s the last stop of my blog tour for my new novel The Little Seer. Today and tomorrow, speculative writer Bruce Hennigan, whose work is somewhat similar to mine, is giving you an inside look at the making of this novel, as well as posting his own review of the book.

Thank you all so much for this week. The Little Seer hit #2 and #5 on Amazon’s Kindle Bestseller Lists for Christian Suspense and Occult / Supernatural last week during its launch promotion, as well as hitting #158 overall in Kindle free titles, and several thousand people are now reading my work. I’m so thankful that you’re giving my stories a chance. To finish off this blog tour, I’m giving away a signed copy of The Little Seer here for one fan. And because the free launch promotion was such a success, I have lowered the price of the individually packaged e-book novellas on Kindle to just 99 cents apiece (Exodus, Desert, & Midnight), and the full e-book novel is just $2.99, so this book can find as many people as possible. Or, check out the paperback. I hope you like it, and please tell a friend!

The Little Seer Blog Tour

Feb. 17-22: Laura K. Cowan, Author: Laura K. Cowan

During the blog tour, I am hosting a giveaway of a signed paperback copy of The Little Seer on my website, as well as posting up-to-date info about what is going on each day on the blog tour. The reviews were stunningly positive.

Feb. 18: Malcolm R. Campbell, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Malcolm’s Round Table

Malcolm R. Campbell at Malcolm’s Round Table often reviews fantasy titles as well as speculative fiction, so I guest posted over on his blog about what spiritual speculative supernatural fiction really is, and how it relates to the popular fantasy genre.

Feb. 19: Amber McCallister, Book Reviewer/Blogger: The Wonderings of One Person

“The Little Seer by Laura Cowan is a high-intensity, no holds barred, we-are-coming-to-get-you thriller that will open your eyes to more than you can ever imagine. It will make you think twice about what you think you see, and it will not easily let you go….The love and compassion that flows from the pages of this book will revitalize even the coldest and hardest of hearts…. This story touched me deeply on a very personal level…. It broke my heart that someone gathered bits and pieces of such a haunting, hurtful, and yet valuable part of my life and then artfully weaved them into such a thought-provoking journey that I felt so ashamedly naked but also overwhelmingly loved.” — Amber McCallister, The Wonderings of One Person

See Amber’s full review and her introduction to the book and blog tour.

Feb. 20: Erin El Mehairi, Book Reviewer/Blogger: Oh for the Hook of a Book!

Erin conducted an interview, to give you a different angle on The Little Seer, and how such a strange story came to be written at all. She asked smart questions, I gave strange answers.

Feb. 21: Bruce Hennigan, Speculative Supernatural Author, Speaker: Bruce Hennigan

“I have read the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series and this book easily approaches that level of intensity and immersion in teen angst in a GOOD way…. The dream sequences are moving and lyrical with an artistic sense of being transported to another world. I have often felt that God communicates to us in our dreams and this story really nails it. There is a particularly moving scene between Aria and Christ that I can not possibly describe. It must be read and enjoyed. Laura has captured the essence of being in the presence of God; the presence of Christ; the presence of the Spirit in a close and moving way. I read each of these passages and breathed deeply of the moving presence of God I sensed behind the words…. Wonderful, moving work.” — Bruce Hennigan, speculative author and speaker

See the full book review, and Bruce’s look into the making of The Little Seer.


Now through tomorrow, you can win a signed copy of The Little Seer in paperback. Follow this link to the book giveaway, and follow the instructions at the bottom of the blog post to enter for your chance to win.

The Little Seer book giveaway