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I seem to have a problem. While waiting for a decision from literary agents on Music of Sacred Lakes, I have piled up a backlog of six works in progress. A variety of titles that vary from contemporary fantasy to metaphysical fiction to more spiritual literary work, they are a huge leap forward for me as an author. But, the timing of traditional publishing is giving me a headache and frankly may simply not work for someone writing as quickly as I am now. So, I have made a decision. I will give the agent query process one more month while I finish up a new trio of novellas and edit a novel I wrote last year, and then I will either have an agent or decide to self-publish this heap of titles in quick succession. Some of you have been so eager to read these new stories, so I wanted to give you a preview of what’s coming up next. As I said, several other works are also in progress, but these are the books I will be releasing first to follow up on the initial publication of The Little Seer, which is still available in the meantime in paperback and Kindle e-book if you haven’t yet read it. Thanks so much for your support. I will do everything I can to make these titles free at least for a few days so you can take a peek. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



Music of Sacred Lakes

Peter Sanskevicz doesn’t belong anywhere. He doesn’t want the sixth-generation family farm his great great-grandfather unwittingly stole from its Odawa owners, and can’t continue his jobs serving “fudgies,” tourists in Northern Michigan who seem more at home than he is. He can’t seem to take charge of things or do anything but make a mess. Then, Peter accidentally kills a girl. Seeing his life is at risk, his friend takes him to his uncle, a pipe carrier of the Odawa tribe, who tells him he must live by the shores of Lake Michigan until the lake speaks to him. Peter lives and loves and rages by the shores of the great lake, haunted by its rich beauty, by strange images and sounds that begin to pursue him through his waking and sleeping hours, and by the spirit of the dead girl, who seems to be trying to help him. One day, he finally finds an inner silence. And then, he hears what the lake has to say to him. A story about reconnecting with the source of your life and your joy, Music of Sacred Lakes gives voice to the spirit of the land and lakes that gave birth to us all.

The Thin Places: Supernatural Tales of the Unseen

The prayer poems of a bullied girl come to life when read in front of her class as a cruel joke. A young boy asks his mother why she ignores the customers in a mountain town shop, but she sees no one but him. A boy’s faith literally moves mountains, which destroys the life of the Sunday school teacher who doubted him. Reality doesn’t behave quite as expected in The Thin Places, a collection of short stories that explore the thin places between the physical and spiritual worlds, portals, time juxtapositions, dreams, and other possibilities of the might-be-real.

Lone Cypress

What does it mean to be possessed? By a person, by a dream, and by your demons? Shana knows. Shana was a ballerina. At least that was what her mother told her when she moved them to New York and changed their name so she could pursue the dream. But after Shana was kicked out of school for experimenting with new dance forms that could wreck her ballet-trained body, and escaped her stage mom only to fall into a dangerous marriage, all she has left is a list of things she thought she was. The only thing still alive in her spirit is the ballet she wanted to choreograph, and suddenly it has taken on a life of its own. Shana runs, from her husband, from her life, and from the terrifying dreams that insist she make a change–until she runs out of time and must face not only her husband’s hired gun but the monster in her mind.

Face The Falling

When the military shuts off people’s dreams so that they can forget the great war, their dreams begin to bleed into the waking world. The houses uproot themselves to dance with the trees. Nightmare creatures roam the streets. Reality itself begins to bend and flatten like the page from a book. Sam and Rosa Roseimer discover the possibility that it was their father who initiated this strange experiment on them and on their town, and set out to put the nightmares back where they belong. But a book appears, into which the phantom Nightshades pull those people who can’t face their darkest dreams. Even after they banish the nightmares to the dreamtime, Sam and Rosa still must find a way to rescue their friends and family from the book, a strange and fantastic world in which people’s nightmares balloon into a new reality of war and despair. Rosa finds a way in and attempts a rescue. But can she find the doorway to get out before the world she is unraveling rolls up behind her? Is there any way to banish the book itself before more people become nothing more than words on paper trapped in their own worst fears?