And I Said I Hated Conflict

witch's altar, witchcraft in the U.S., paganism in the U.S., Druidism, Crazy Wisdom Journal, meditation
Photo of a witch’s altar courtesy Crazy Wisdom Community Journal, 2019.

No secret I stopped blogging about spirituality a while back as part of my green living and wellness writing because the increasing tensions in U.S. politics led to a sharp uptick in online harassment that was time consuming to deal with as an author and journalist online. It didn’t have to be about contentious spirituality–as we all know online harassment is now about just about everything–but being a woman and an indie author writing about spirituality in fiction, AND a green living and green tech blogger while cutting off abusive family and being stalked by several people has turned into a pretty worn tale of harassment and nonsense. So… why did I go and write an article about the rise of witchcraft and Druidic paganism in the U.S.? I suppose it’s just one step in my journey of evaluating multiple forms of meditative healing process that I could use to help people balance their lives physically and emotionally with no religious strings attached as a healer and meditation instructor. But then you go and say the word witch and the whole room drops. Oh well. Here it is. As the old cartoon says: “We are siamese if you please. We are siamese if you don’t please.”

Also, you can check out my latest Kids in the Community column in this issue on page 94 or at this link online, which details some pretty cool kid-friendly animal rescues in Ann Arbor, and the proper etiquette for kids looking to volunteer with animals.

Cronicle Press, Midwest tech news, Mi-HQ Life Sciences Campus
Mark Smith shown left, with an employee of Swift BioSciences at Smith’s 140,000 sq and growing Mi-HQ life sciences tech-enabled startup campus west of Ann Arbor.

We’ve been busy on Cronicle Press interviewing Ann Arbor tech pros on the growth of the Midwest tech ecosystem, a subject suddenly being covered by everyone from Forbes to TechCrunch, again as technology offers various ways to improve climate change mitigation and sustainable energy, connected healthcare apps, and more. Recently we sat down with Rob Baxtresser of Arbormoon Software and Mobile Mondays meetup to talk about how people can get into the tech industry if they didn’t start there. We also toured the western Ann Arbor Mi-HQ Life Sciences campus where they host startups doing everything from 3D printing human ligaments to creating super absorbent micro-plastic alternatives to prevent ocean pollution. It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory for tech-enabled startups. That doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s a cool place. We’ve also got a roundup of September Ann Arbor and Detroit tech events for you, with a few extra outliers thrown in, and we’re planning more expansion to other regional tech towns soon to cover all the cool stuff going on in these affordable hubs of small business and arts and culture attracting people in droves out of the also awesome but not remotely affordable coasts. There are plenty of other articles up on the blog since last post here, we’ve just been too busy to link. I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend and are enjoying the weather slowly sliding into fall.

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