Leadership in the Business World Shifts To Tech

Detroit skyline, DevOps Days Detroit 2019, tech news Detroit
The Detroit skyline from DevOps Days Detroit 2019 this week at the College for Creative Studies at New Center.

We spent the week at several tech events around Ann Arbor and Detroit including DevOps Days Detroit, and one theme that emerged very quickly was this: increasingly, business looks to tech leaders to help them understand how to handle crisis whether it’s data breaches or culture shifts, because tech has been dealing with these issues for years and tech now influences every layer of business.

You can never paint with too broad a brush over entire industries, but honestly it is a privilege to watch the “geeks shall inherit the earth” dynamic shift from technical expertise to cultural leadership. These tech leaders are the people we now look to to develop policies on business agility, crisis management, and many more areas that affect businesses from top to bottom and have shifted culture globally.

Below are a few articles from this week over on Cronicle. I’ve got new columns coming out in the next Crazy Wisdom Journal as well but that won’t be out for a few more weeks. I’m putting together some events with colleagues in the wellness coaching and business leadership worlds to help connect these high-energy leaders with thought leaders on centering practices and wellness routines for high-powered influencers to run some pilot groups on wellness coaching programs for business leaders and healers who support other people and want to support themselves through high-demand schedules. More on that later.

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