Announcing Great Lakes Healing Arts: Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic Arts Life Coaching

In the last few years, I discovered and studied several healing and meditation modalities that shifted me from healing myself from trauma and stress-related injuries and illnesses to being able to offer other people healing and meditation practices. It was a life-changing moment I’ve been waiting for a very long time. Most of my life has been extremely complex and confusing, experienced through chronic pain and trauma and sorting out a childhood of apparent miracle healings, psychopathic and sociopathic abuse, and bizarre out-of-body trauma. I spent about 25 years of personal research and healing studying modalities that would address my own situation while western medicine was still catching up to understand mind-body healing and the effects of somatized trauma on the body. I found many answers and deep healing through craniosacral work, chiropractic, reflexology, Reiki, shamanic journeying meditation, EMDR/havening trauma therapy, and more, but my own healing was so long and complicated I wasn’t confident other people would connect with the tools that helped me. I had to study string theory, quantum entanglement and M theory to understand how all of these esoteric healing methods could have a possible scientific explanation, after all, and not everyone wants to go through that or finds it as fascinating as I did.

Then I went to a volunteer healing night at a local center that specializes in intuitive healing arts. People came in by the dozen, and were processing major life issues in 15-minute mini sessions. They asked me where I came from, if they could hire me immediately, how on earth I knew how to help them with problems no one else could. I don’t flatter myself to think that I make the difference, and I don’t want to be a guru or the bottleneck in other people’s process. My long research and awareness of what is at the root of many of people’s emotional and physical symptoms simply helps me see through knotty problems to their roots to help untangle them. Most importantly, these people brought the intuitive awareness and readiness to process major healings in short periods of time, and I knew I was the one who needed catching up on what people were aware and capable of these days. I decided it was high time I got to work supporting people as a coach and healer alongside my journalism work in these same spaces of technology, sustainability, and wellness I have pursued as a writer and editor.

I started offering those healing and coaching services I thought would best help others through Great Lakes Healing Arts. Services are available locally to people in Southeast Michigan and will soon be available online.

My journey into the healing arts is a long story not because I’m better than everyone else who came to the healing arts in a simpler way (though many healers’ stories are very much like mine) but simply because this took me a long time and I had a lot of learning to do. There can be a lot of light found in darkness, and early challenges that wake up the subconscious to be alert for danger can also hone the intuition into a finely calibrated tool for healing. I am extremely blessed to have walked this life path even simply for the reason that the friends, martial arts masters, healers, therapists, and spiritual teachers I have met along the way are an absolute treasure to me. The people I am now meeting as a coach and healer continue that experience of profound blessing to know that I am not alone and that many people are capable of great healing and great creativity in the world.

As a green tech journalist I learned that even though individuals make powerful choices that can help address climate change, at this point we need to leverage technology to balance the planet quickly and at scale. That led me to working in tech journalism to highlight the historic growth of the Midwest tech ecosystem now just beginning. And because no one can maintain balance in a challenging time without some kind of centering or healing practice, I took my personal experience and research into alternative medicine, martial arts, healing arts, and meditation to help others distill my complicated life experiences into simpler best practices that honor people’s world view wherever they’re at and support them in pursuing their life path in a balanced sustainable way. Great Lakes Healing Arts is the result of many years of work that started in my childhood and continue today as I study tai chi, tai chi sword, kung fu, qi gong, shamanic qi gong, shamanic meditation and healing arts alongside pursuing continuing education in Reiki, guided meditation, and related healing and centering practices. I pursue this path for personal reasons, but I hope that it blesses you as much as it does me.

Great Lakes Healing Arts has a page of further reading with some studies related to the healing and meditation modalities I am practicing if you would like to learn more. Blessings.

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