New Intuitive Arts Circle in Brighton Draws Gifted Women For Meditation and Creative Play

It’s time for a gratitude timeout. As part of my work exploring ways to coach individuals in the healing, creative, and business fields in creative thinking tools and centering meditations through Great Lakes Healing Arts, I’ve been piloting various times and locations for meditation classes and intuitive arts circles. These classes teach novel meditation techniques pulled from the martial arts and shamanic and therapeutic traditions for connecting with the intuition for relaxation, improved health, and creative inspiration. It’s perfect both for healing and guiding life path decisions, and for high-level creative thinking in business or the arts. I should have known by now that good friend and co-host of my first intuitive arts circle in Brighton, Michigan, Heather Heffley of The Awakened Soul, herself a gifted Reiki master and intuitive, wouldn’t steer me wrong when we collaborated to test a class north of Ann Arbor.

Heather Heffley, The Awakened Soul, Brighton Reiki masters
Heather Heffley of The Awakened Soul.

Thanks to Heather’s support organizing this new group and getting the word out, we had an absolutely lovely time with the ladies who showed up for our first intuitive arts class, where we meditated on a past dream and used the symbolism to create a personalized oracle card deck for intuitive inspiration. It was exactly what we were hoping it would be: a circle where anyone can come and connect with their intuition to journal creative ideas or take a moment of rest to be with their thoughts.

One of the women who attended the group reported that she already works with a similar process for creative inspiration when she works as a mixed media artist. I was delighted to hear this, because my goal as a meditation coach is to help people connect with their own best process for inspired living, not to spend all my time explaining why this works and how it’s not necessarily a religious practice. We were able to dive right into the activity in this circle, and everyone seemed to get exactly what they needed and have a high level of awareness of what they were experiencing and what it meant to them. Perfect.

Laura Cowan, Laura K. Cowan, Ann Arbor meditation classes, intuitive arts class, meditation coaching, Great Lakes Healing Arts
Laura K. Cowan of Great Lakes Healing Arts.

I am beyond grateful these past few weeks that everyone who attends my classes and coaching sessions seems to be extremely gifted in the ability to feel their circulation improving with meditations pulled from the martial arts, or to connect with creative inspiration within just a few minutes of starting guided meditations. Maybe we are all gifted this way. I’m so glad people are connecting with these tools. I had the same experience when I first tried these techniques, but my journey was decades long and full of difficult blocks. I’m so glad I can bring the best of what I’ve found helpful in my healing journey to others without them having to walk the same hard road of near-death experiences and confusion.

These intuitive meditation practices are rooted in shamanic training, but my experience of shamanic journeying meditation and spending decades healing chronic injuries and PTSD led me to discover that this guided meditation and creative contemplative practice found around the world in multiple cultural traditions can also be found in multiple therapy and healing modalities as well as in the creative processes of many of the highest-functioning artists and writers. That’s why I created a class that is more art- than therapy-oriented. This is the juicy fun stuff, where the subconscious rises to meet the universe in surprising and delightful and inspiring ways. Every day is different, every person carrying a unique gift for how they best work with these tools. What an absolute delight. Heather and I are truly honored to be a part of your experience working with your intuition.

Heather and I will be repeating the intuitive arts circle with a new meditation and creative project in March, again at 2 Dandelions. If you’re interested in joining an intuitive arts circle and are in the area, please RSVP. If you’re a little bit too far away to join us but are interested in trying one of these groups, please email me your interest, and I’ll let you know when I put together another local group or an online class for wider access. Many blessings. Heather and I are so glad you are enjoying this material and the community we’re building around the intuitive arts. It’s art therapy for everyone, and more than anything it’s deeply fun. Hope to see you at our next circle. Thanks, ladies, for making our first circle such a special experience.

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