Announcing Great Lakes Healing Arts: Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic Arts Life Coaching

In the last few years, I discovered and studied several healing and meditation modalities that shifted me from healing myself from trauma and stress-related injuries and illnesses to being able to offer other people healing and meditation practices. It was a life-changing moment I’ve been waiting for a very long time. Most of my life has been extremely complex and confusing, experienced through chronic pain and trauma and sorting out a childhood of apparent miracle healings, psychopathic and sociopathic abuse, and bizarre out-of-body trauma. I spent about 25 years of personal research and healing studying modalities that would address my own situation while western medicine was still catching up to understand mind-body healing and the effects of somatized trauma on the body. I found many answers and deep healing through craniosacral work, chiropractic, reflexology, Reiki, shamanic journeying meditation, EMDR/havening trauma therapy, and more, but my own healing was so long and complicated I wasn’t confident other people would connect with the tools that helped me. I had to study string theory, quantum entanglement and M theory to understand how all of these esoteric healing methods could have a possible scientific explanation, after all, and not everyone wants to go through that or finds it as fascinating as I did.

Leadership in the Business World Shifts To Tech

We spent the week at several tech events around Ann Arbor and Detroit including DevOps Days Detroit, and one theme that emerged very quickly was this: increasingly, business looks to tech leaders to help them understand how to handle crisis whether it’s data breaches or culture shifts, because tech has been dealing with these issues for years and tech now influences every layer of business.

And I Said I Hated Conflict

No secret I stopped blogging about spirituality a while back as part of my green living writing because the increasing tensions in U.S. politics led to a sharp uptick in online harassment that was time consuming and exhausting to deal with as an author and journalist online. It didn’t have to be about contentious spirituality–as we all know online harassment is now about just about everything–but being a woman and an indie author writing about spirituality in fiction, AND a green living blogger while cutting off abusive family and being stalked by several people has turned into a pretty worn tale of harassment and nonsense. So… why did I go and write an article about the rise of witchcraft and Druidic paganism in the U.S.? So glad you asked. I don’t know. I suppose it’s just one step in that journey of evaluating multiple forms of meditative process that many spiritual traditions rely on for their worship or connection to Source or the higher self’s intuitive guidance–a piece of discovering the common ground I was seeking among spiritual and energy healing traditions that I could pay forward to help people balance their lives physically and emotionally with no religious strings attached. But then you go and say the word witch and the whole room drops. Oh well. Here it is. As the old cartoon says: “We are siamese if you please. We are siamese if you don’t please.”

My Latest Tech and Green Living Articles

We’ve been busy on Cronicle Press Tech News. If you haven’t checked out this new tech blog out of Ann Arbor, you might like to start with this intro to augmented reality art murals and virtual reality headsets from BrandXR Studios. We post about 3-5 times per week, so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter. Also, my Kids in the Community column for the Summer 2019 issue of Crazy Wisdom Journal highlighting mindfulness classes and groups for parents and kids of all ages was the cover story for this latest issue. The last issue of Reiki News Magazine featured and article with me interviewing various reiki master healers about how they combine reiki with other healing modalities for best results.