Announcing Great Lakes Healing Arts: Reiki, Meditation, Shamanic Arts Life Coaching

In the last few years, I discovered and studied several healing and meditation modalities that shifted me from healing myself from trauma and stress-related injuries and illnesses to being able to offer other people healing and meditation practices. It was a life-changing moment I’ve been waiting for a very long time. Most of my life has been extremely complex and confusing, experienced through chronic pain and trauma and sorting out a childhood of apparent miracle healings, psychopathic and sociopathic abuse, and bizarre out-of-body trauma. I spent about 25 years of personal research and healing studying modalities that would address my own situation while western medicine was still catching up to understand mind-body healing and the effects of somatized trauma on the body. I found many answers and deep healing through craniosacral work, chiropractic, reflexology, Reiki, shamanic journeying meditation, EMDR/havening trauma therapy, and more, but my own healing was so long and complicated I wasn’t confident other people would connect with the tools that helped me. I had to study string theory, quantum entanglement and M theory to understand how all of these esoteric healing methods could have a possible scientific explanation, after all, and not everyone wants to go through that or finds it as fascinating as I did.