New Intuitive Arts Circle in Brighton Draws Gifted Women For Meditation and Creative Play

It’s time for a gratitude timeout. As part of my work exploring ways to coach individuals in the healing, creative, and business fields in creative thinking tools and centering meditations through Great Lakes Healing Arts, I’ve been piloting various times and locations for meditation classes and intuitive arts circles. These classes teach novel meditation techniques pulled from the martial arts and shamanic and therapeutic traditions for connecting with the intuition for relaxation, improved health, and creative inspiration. It’s perfect both for healing and guiding life path decisions, and for high-level creative thinking in business or the arts. I should have known by now that good friend and co-host of my first intuitive arts circle in Brighton, Michigan, Heather Heffley of The Awakened Soul, herself a gifted Reiki master and intuitive, wouldn’t steer me wrong when we collaborated to test a class north of Ann Arbor.